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Oulun Katutaide Ry (Oulu Street Art Association) is an association to give street art more space in Oulu and make it easier to produce and access.

We aim to:

  1. help artists to find suitable spaces for their projects
  2. make it possible to produce street art by collecting the necessary resources
  3. find new artists to produce street art in Oulu
  4. manage street art gallery and replace worn out pieces of art with new ones
  5. work as a cooperative function between city council and artists
  6. gather funding to finance local street art association

If you are an artist or somehow interested in street art in Oulu, please contact us for available opportunities!

Yksi vastaus artikkeliiin “In English

  1. Would like my Apartment main wall Graffitied in Art for home decor. Can I get a quotation?


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