Tekijähaastattelussa Stig Olav Tony Fredriksson

My name is Stig Olav Tony Fredriksson and I’m a visual artist and graffiti painter. I have been drawing and painting all my life. My first graffiti piece was created in the middle of the 90`s. In my graffiti expression I have a great taste in constructing different spaces thought shapes and color. Lines and organic shapes, soft and shiny a big entity or mass.

I want you to feel good when you look at it even if it`s hard to understand if your not into the culture of graffiti. When I do wheatpasted posters, instalations or acrylic/oil canvases there`s most of the time more political thoughts (I dont like to call my works political) like questioning capitalism, religion, science and our mentalities. Most of my works has an “urban” expression. I also try to use recycled materials in my works as a comment and statement against our over-consumption.

I find some of my inspiration from the propaganda and masshypnosis in media, music, television, Internet and the industry. I also find my family inspiring and much more. I consider myself as an activist not trying to reach fame but hearts and brains. The public space is an important ingredient as I sometimes using the public space for my works raising questions about who owns the public space. Who should have the opportunities to affect the environment we live in, the big companies with money and advertisement or the people who lives there.

Right now most of my works is located in my studio or in peoples homes, and on my web page. Municipal of Inary has bought one graffiti work and in Rovaniemi is cafe and nightclub Kauppayhtiö the best place to find some of my art works. If not you have to go to Oslo, Sopoth, Warszawa, Oulu etc. In June I`m the artist of the month from the Lapland art accossiasion and you will be able to see works at Korundi artmuseum in Rovaniemi.

The piece in Oulu is a collaboration graffiti piece consisting of text and characters, sometimes refered to a burner in graffiti culture. There`s six names undet the piece. Two of them is the artists signatures and the rest are dedications to friends and family. The text on the wall is only readable for the iniciated and for others its a abstract organic pattern. The roots of the abstracted letters derive from the word Motor.

What I know about the future is the exhibitions at Korundi, Karlsøyfestival in Norway, exhibition in Gallerty Point in Oslo, Norway and workshops. I hope to be more involved in the Oulu streetart project. Next year me and my vaimo is going to have the summer exhibition in Gällivare art museum. And ofcourse I will keep on painting and be with my family. To get more info keep an eye on my webpage: www.StigOlavTony.com


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